Trustless Survey Results

The Trustless Team
July 14, 2022

The Trustless discord has a course system. This system coordinates the community to test out, learn about, and improve the Trustless Currency Protocol. The "Survey" course is a user survey to help the community understand what we all value in defi. A self-aware community allows us to coordinate to make Trustless successful.

There are a few notable takeaways from below: 

  • There are a lot of people in the Trustless community that have experience with Basis Cash.
  • Members of the Trustless community seem to care about decentralization! That is a massive win because decentralization is the core vision behind Trustless! 
  • People care a lot about fast and cheap transactions (no surprise!)

How did you find out about the Trustless Community?

1) Friend
2) zkSync and Trustless Twitter
3) zkSync Discord

Why do you care about DeFi?

1) Potential upside
2) Decentralization

What are you most concerned about in the crypto space?

1) Gas costs
2) Safety
3) Privacy
4) Transaction speed

Which of these features of the Trustless Currency Protocol most interest you?

1) Ultra fast and cheap txs
2) Strict focus on decentralization

Do you care if a protocol has instant liquidations?

78% yes

Do you care if transactions are cheap?

89% yes

Do you care if transactions are fast?

90% yes

Do you care if a protocol is censorship resistant?

80% yes

Do you care if a protocol is truly decentralized?

87% yes

Do you care if a protocol uses solid collateral, like Eth only?

75% yes

Do you care if a protocol is Governance Minimized?

72% yes

Which of the following protocols are you interested in?

1) Maker
2) Fei
3) Liquity
4) Basis Cash

Which of the following stablecoins have you used?

1) Dai
2) UST
3) Rai
4) Basis Cash

Which of the following protocols do you own?

1) Basis Cash
2) Maker

Have you ever been to a Trustless community call?

67% yes

Have you tried out the Tcp Testnet on zkSync?

90% yes

Have you watched any part of the Trustless talk, where the founder discusses the vision of Trustless? (

80% yes

How do you learn about Defi?

1) Twitter
2) Discord
3) Telegram

Do you prefer zero knowledge rollups or optimistic rollups?

Optimistic: 44%
Zero Knowledge: 36%

What Ethereum layer 2 solutions have you used?

1) zkSync testnet
2) Arbitrum
3) Polygon
4) Optimism

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